Welcome to Amayable. We are a research and development project working on innovative ways to connect people, using artificial intelligence and text analysis.

About the project

The problem

Loneliness is a major problem in modern society. Sometimes it is easier to connect with new friends online.

But in the digital world it is difficult to find people with the same interests or values, while most match-making services are for dating or solely based on appearance.

It can feel uncomfortable and difficult to get in touch with people that you do not know. Being scared of toxic friendships or uncomfortable situations can hurt you. 

The solution

We develop an AI system in the form of a Discord bot that reads and analyzes what each specific person writes. With the help of machine learning the system figures out each individuals profile based on characteristics such as personality, accents, attitude and more.

Based on the result we offer friendship matching directly between individuals. Each match should feel unique and valuable with the highest probability of happiness.

Note that we will focus on matching friends and like-minded people, not love or physical relationships.

How it works


Install Amayable on the preferred social media chat system. At the moment we are supporting Discord. 


Amayable analyses the chat history and create a unique profile for each user. 


Every week you get a personalized friend suggestion with focus on quality rather than quantity.

Added value

Paying users can see specific interests from other peoeple, such as music styles, movie favorites or certain games.


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